Costa del Sol Hotel has six convention centers for events, congresses or seminars in Cartagena, with a capacity of 15 to 1000 people. The hotel has the pleasure of offering you our spacious meeting rooms CÓRDOBA, CÁDIZ, GRANADA, and ALCÁZAR, equipped with furniture, central air conditioning and permanent water service.

Costa del Sol Hotel has a free parking for its clients and event organizers.

Salón Premium - Hotel Cartagena Premium

Premium Room

It has capacity for people, with direct access from the elevator, air conditioning, located on the 17th floor overlooking the sea and bay.

  • 4 Hours – $700.000
  • 8 Hours – $1.500.000

Caribe Room

With capacity up to 150 people, very spacious, with tables, chairs, air conditioning, bathrooms and hallway.

  • 4 Hours – $600.000
  • 8 Hours – $1.300.000

VIP Room

Special for work meetings, it can be used as auditorium or conference hall, with capacity up to 20 people. Access to bathrooms.

  • 4 Hours – $400.000
  • 8 Hours – $800.000

Additional services

For greater excellence of our service and taking into account the number of people we offer additional service of:

  • Waiters: $ 50,000 per shift.
  • Sound: $ 250,000 per day.
  • Video Beam: $ 300,000 per day.

Snack options

Morning: empanada / chicken or meat pies, ham and cheese sandwich, cheese containers and glass with three fruits + ice cream serving.
Afternoon or Evening: croissants, bocadillo or cheese pie, egg arepas and cheese fingers.

  • Drinks: tamarillo / watermelon / pineapple juice, iced tea.


The LIQUOR MUST BE LEGALLY STAMPED otherwise we won’t allow it at our facilities.

National Liquor uncorking………………………… $ 10,000

Foreign liquor uncorking …………………………. $ 20,000